Welcome to our New Lingerie Website !
January 25, 2014

We're very excited about the launch of our brand new ecommerce fine lingerie website!


We will continue to add to our unique collections bringing to you a sense of New York style from daily wear to the provocative.


Check back often, as we add features including periodic news letters and expanded collections.



Posted by Laina Hon
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Commented by NYgirl April 13 2014

So many unique things that I’ve never seen in the chain stores. Really glad I found you.

Commented by Meisee February 05 2014

Congratulations on being named on the New York City’s Hottest Lingerie Shops. Laina Jane was listed as No. 2! I think you should be No. 1 of course!

Commented by Milarea February 03 2014

Congrats on your new website! I’ve been shopping at your store for years. Your staff never fails to size me up and find the best bras, nighties, and pajamas to fit me. What would I do without you? I’m so happy you launched your website. Now I can have access to your goodies wherever I am!

Commented by Ms_James February 01 2014

Hi Laina Jane crew! Congrats on the new site! And for everyone else, this place is a must for all your lingerie / sleep wear necessities! I’ve been going to the upper west side location since 2005 and it’s always met my needs. The three L’s are the best at what they do! Laina, Lim, and Luphane, they’ve always helped in times where I needed to find something for myself or for a bridal shower gift. P.S. I’ve been to the west village location a couple of times and Mimi is amazing as well, knows her merchandise inside and out, plus this location has the cutest baby items. Great stores with amazing selections.
See you guys soon!

Commented by Johnny Lingerie January 31 2014

Best of luck on your blog. I look forward to your voice in the conversation.